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What is Global Smart Home Security Index (GSHSI)?

We dedicate our-self to provide best customer experience as well as create a secure world. With this subscription you will also support this idea. 

GSHSI will be created by to make customers find and get help instantly from the experienced security companies.  Our customer is very important for us. So we wanted to create a global security index for our global customers. Our aim is to get informed our customers about security companies around them. This index is designed to show our customers all home security and smart home services providers together. Every companies will have a companies profile with the review. 

This index will publish so every visitors can read home security and smart home service provides as well as getting notified if they purchase products.


What is the benefit of subscribing to GSHSI

* Your security companies get a place for one month.

* Your companies get discount about advertise management and consultation discount (%20) service. If you want advertise management and consultation service contact for service providers and inform order number to get discount. (

*  Your companies information is shared with our customers only if your service locations are close to our customers.

* Your marketing costs will be diminished because of that index.

* This is cost effective way to reach new customers.

* Customers will visit your profile page and getting informed about your services.

* Customers can easily find service or products from global security index.


What is Our Customers Benefit?

* Our Customers will get notification about new security companies in this index.

* Our customers will get notification about security companies if their location is the close.

* Our customers save time an money.


Is there any Restriction about Joining GSHSI?

* We are selling end-user products. However other end-user retailer companies can join the index also. There is no any restriction for them.

* Our Global Security Index will not contain any weapon or chemical product sale. This kind of personal protection equipment sellers will not join in this index.

* After transaction we will investigate your services, if your services is not suitable for our standards your subscription will be cancelled. However you will not get refund for your first month payment. This cost is investigation services from us.